Vision of Urban Future

City as a Lab Summit: Mobility 2021

8-9 JUNE 2021 • ONLINE

Gain insight into trends in the fields of mobility, e-mobility, smart cities, and in-car content and connect you with the most important stakeholders in Slovenia and abroad.

Get familiar with mobility industry insights.

Lister to more than 20 exciting speakers and panelists.

Top regional and international trend-setting companies and cities.

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VISION: Urban Future

Mobility has always been a mix of different industries that create new business models for innovative user-friendly solutions, while transforming cities to smart ecosystems.



What are the challenges of cities of the future?

Cities are under increasing pressure – how to ensure a high quality of life, attract or retain citizens in cities, compete with other cities, and ensure the sustainable use of resources, space, infrastructure, and services.



How are companies coping with changes in logistics, smart workspaces, and factories?

The fourth industrial revolution brings many technological, economic, organizational, and social changes that radically changed production and logistics.



How smart and autonomous can a car get?

Vehicles are no longer perceived as just a means of transportation. They are becoming more and more like a smartphone, improving the overall travel experience. This offers new opportunities for players entering applications and services.



The future of mobility – pay-as-you-go or subscription?

Today, we can rent almost any means of transport over the phone, rent or use our means of transport when we do not need it, buy a ticket, order a ride or join an existing one.



How will platforms integrate existing energy networks with new e-charging business models?

The charging infrastructure market is changing, affecting the user experience of owning e-vehicles. This allows integration with existing energy networks, energy storage facilities, and domestic power plants (e.g. solar power plants).


Top regional and international brands speaking.

ABOUT City as a Lab: Mobility

Vision of the Urban future

City as a Lab: Mobility 2021 is upgrading the City as a Lab: Mobility 2020 event, which brought together two 2019 mobility events: Delo’s Mobility 2019 Conference and the City as a Lab Summit 2019 organized by AV Living Lab.

Even more multidisciplinary

City as a Lab: Mobility 2021 will be even more multidisciplinary, connecting mobility providers with leading players in complementary industries such as ICT, logistics, energy, together with the insurance and financial industries. Just like the previous year, it will provide insight into the latest trends in mobility and connect the biggest players in the region and the world in a virtual environment.